Brady Quin checking in

...and yes the spelling is intentional. If you don't already know, don't ask. Anyway, I'm not really sure how I got stuck being the alter-ego of a metrosexual (and probably homosexual) pine-riding crybaby "quarterback," but such is life. Incidentally, the fact that Brady Quinn has a first-class seat on the football log with the CLEVELAND BROWNS, of all teams, should attest to his mad football skillz.

Politically speaking, I was a fascistly-inclined conservative when I lived in New Orleans, according to the Chocolate City Rules of Politics (C. Ray Nagin, Lifetime Chair). However, moving to Jackson, Mississippi has made me realize that I am actually quite the moderate. Because my house only sports two Confederate flags (and my car none), along with zero swastikas, I am practically "one of them damn illitrit forriners" trying to let in illegal immigrants while supporting flag burning, gay marriage, and gun control. And mandatory abortions.

Foodwise, I'm fat and I like to eat. A lot. This may come as a surprise, as fat people are not generally known for liking food, but rules were made to be broken. In fact, I'm eating right now.

I also appreciate the fairer sex and have been known to dabble in a bit of papparazzi over the years. Highlights to cum. (YESSSSSSSSS!!!!!11 Porn talk! Everybody loves it!)

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