Where You Can Go, And What You Can Do With Yourself: Halloween Edition

Happy Halloween, Ladies:

Each Wednesday, we'll provide you with gratuitous pictures of breasts (because that's totally original and no other blog has ever done it), links to our favorite stuff, and a rundown of posting for the next week.

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Friday: Eat, Pray, and Get Some Lovin': A Cook's Guide to the Ladies
Monday: SEC Names of The Week: Nov. 5 Edition
Wednesday: The 11 Most Evil SEC College Football Coaches: #11-9


And On The Eighth Day ...
This college football TV auto-scheduler may be the single coolest thing the internets have produced since freely available naked ladies. Enter your preferences, pick your teams, and BAM, it's on your Google Calendar. You may also enjoy the accompanying Vegas spreads, Degenerate Readers.
Why We Hate Them, Pt. 1
Notre Dame will be receiving $1.3 million to not play in a BCS bowl. That figure seems a bit on the low side. Chocolate is not getting any cheaper!
Pretty Sure You Can't Say That, Pt. 1
BBC says black people are difficult to see in the dark. Suggests they smile more.
Poor Business Decisions, Pt. 1

Bolivian prostitutes protest by sewing their lips together.
No, Not Those Lips You Perverts
All you never wanted to know about botched hoo-ha surgery. Ladies, I'm sure you look perfectly normal. I mean really, not unusual or weird in any way. They're probably supposed to look exactly like that. Don't give it a second thought.

THINGS WE HATE (updated weekly)

Remember Girls: The sluttier the outfit, the more attention you will get! So follow your psychiatrist's orders and boost that self esteem! SHOW YOUR TITS! SHOW YOUR TITS!

See you on Frenchmen Street!

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