Ryan Perriloux, Gentleman Scholar

UPDATE: Other, similarly reliable sources claim this had something to do with MMA fighters. In related news, an anonymous source tells us that Baton Rouge is stockpiling weapons of mass destruction.

Here at CWATCF, we hold ourselves to the high journalistic standards espoused by the New York Times and Judy Miller -- we only deal in wild, lightly-sourced rumor and innuendo if it's really interesting. This email indicates Ryan Perriloux may not win those three Heismans after all. Matt Flynn's job is looking a little safer. From Reader Thick Vic:

Here is the scoop........it is more than a bar brawl ... a real good friend of mine who is the manager of the Varsity in Baton Rouge sent me a text of a great story from last night. Marlon Favorite's rap group had a concert there last night and apparently
Derrick Odom got into a bar fight with the bouncers at the Varsity.

When the fight was sent outside, a brawl broke out and Ryan Perriloux was spotted pulling a gun on someone and it is on camera. Alex Loomis, whose dad is the GM of the Saints (Mickey Loomis) is a bouncer at the Varsity. When he went to his car at about 3:30 AM, four guys in mask saw him in a Varsity shirt and went after him.

They tried to get in his car and when they couldn't, they started to kick it and beat it.
Supposedly, Odom broke the window of the car with the handle of the gun. Most of this was caught on film and lots of football players were involved because they all went to see Favorite. Xavier Carter was also somehow involved in the incident and Glenn Dorsey is on film, but was not involved in any altercations. Mickey Loomis is suppose to meet with Les Miles and Skip Bertman on Monday and going after the football team pretty hard.

My friend that manages the place saw most of this take place and said he has never been so scared in his life. Supposedly the players were threatening to burn the place down or shoot everyone at the bar. Some have tried to post the incident on
Tigerdroppings.com and Tigerbait.com, but they get pulled off immediately. Take this for what it is worth, but it is coming directly from a friend of mine that manages the Varsity and was there.


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