Tailgaters And Instigators: Road Trip: Alabama

UPDATE: The good folks at Poon of the SEC break down this weekend's LSU-Bama tits matchup.

I'm starvin', brah! That means that it's time for the Friday installment of Tailgaters and Instigators!

CWATCF is heading over to Tuscaloosa this weekend to test the cuisine served at the Alabama/LSU game. Oh, and to watch a football game, too.

I have high expectations for my first trip to Tuscaloosa, especially since I've had so much fun in a town described as a toxic waste dump by a certain Alabama newspaper. Whatever, the noxious fumes and potentially carcinogenic water make for an excellent gumbo!

Grumble, Grumble...

What comes to mind when you think of Tuscaloosa? Jorts? check. Tank tops? check. Mullets? check. Barbeque...yesssss!

While nothing screams "Alabama" quite like a tank-top-and-jorts-wearing, mullet-outfitted missing link who probably did not attend the university, good barbeque is probably a close second. While the sous chefs in the CWATCF kitchen are prepping the ingredients for tomorrow's meat-centric throwdown, Head Chef Brady would like to entice your taste buds with a recipe that is sure to have the ladies cum running. (OH OH OH, is that a p0rn reference again?!)

Double-M's Red Beans & Rice
1/2lb pickled pork shoulder
1/2lb ham hocks
1lb bacon, cubed
1lb andouille sausage, cubed
1c bell pepper, diced
1c onion, diced
1c celery, diced
2T garlic, minced
1/3c olive oil
6q chicken stock

3lb red beans (Camellia brand)
1/2c Tony Chachere's
8 boxes Uncle Ben's boil in a bag rice

Soak the beans in water overnight. In a large pot over a burner, pour in the olive oil and heat over medium heat. Once the oil is hot, render the bacon until crispy. Add the vegetables and sautee until they are wilted. Add the Tony's, and then add the chicken stock, meat, and red beans. Bring to a boil and then simmer for at least an hour, or until it thickens. Either cook the rice beforehand or boil it in salted water in a separate pot. Pair with freshly grilled sausage.

Then serve it up and enjoy what comes next!


Carlos said...

I'm highly offended by all your semen jokes... please cease and decist. and show more of your awesome photoshop skillz

Christopher said...

Mr. Brady, i believe you are mistaken in insinuating that T-Town is a toxic waste dump. The article in reference, written by a complete idiot none-the-less, references the beautiful B-Ara as the dump that it is. Roll Tide and happy "couger hunting" on your trip to the promise land