Sometime the "W" column takes a vacation...

LSU v. 0le Miss

And yes, that is a "zero" in 0le Miss. Equal to the number of SEC wins this season! Equal to IQ of Brent Schaeffer! Not equal to the amount of meds needed to tranform Coach O from a bloodthirsty ogre completely f'ing insane coonass gorilla with man-boobs into a semi-human entity!

For some reasons, Ole Miss fans still like the guy. Let him get his recruits in!

Even if the Rebels have no shot at catching the Tigers on the field, they are at least giving 110% off the field. However, "Pillowgate" just sounds...gay. Very gay. Like, "hotty toddy" gay.

Ole Miss fans need to realize that Pillowgate pales in comparison to Cecil "the Diesel" Collins, Ryan "the Scholar" Perriloux, or Billy "I'm so Rich I Print Money" Cannon.

Oh well, there's always The Grove. And the women. And that's all that Ole Miss stands for anyway, right?

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