Where You Can Go, And What You Can Do With Yourself: Nov. 14

Each Wednesday, we'll provide you with gratuitous pictures of breasts, links to our favorite stuff, and a rundown of posting for the next week. No other blog does this, and we feel like we're filling a void.

Email us with your tips at cwatcf@gmail.com, and we'll post 'em right up.


Friday: Eat, Pray, and Get Some Lovin'
Monday: SEC Names of The Week: Nov. 19 Edition
Wednesday: The 11 Most Evil SEC College Football Coaches: #5 and #6

Yeah, we're 30 now. And no, we still haven't graduated.


The ratings are in!
Who needs fall anyway? Your AC or heater must be on at all times.

Who cares if it's true?
Ditka = God.

Frank Caliendo vs. Charles Barkey
Who will win?

THINGS WE HATE (updated weekly)

She just likes the trunk.
Paris, the pink elephant in the corner isn't real.

No one cares anymore.
Apparently Herbstreit thinks that the Ohio State v. Michigan game is the greatest rivalry in all sports. Good thing no one else does.

Time to buy new lawn furniture.
But where will the Tennessee fans watch the game on Saturdays?

THINGS WE LOVE (updated weekly)

No thanks, we'll take our chances on the Bulldogs.
Well, if you were that thirsty, you would have prayed a lot harder.

Recycled condoms?
Looks great, keeps the hair nice and shiny.

Who gave Verne the bottle of scotch before halftime?

At least they cut the camera before he broke out the centipede.

What do you expect from a conference that can't count past ten?
At least they bring in their first-string officials when it counts.


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