Where You Can Go, And What You Can Do With Yourself: Nov. 28

Each Wednesday, we'll provide you with gratuitous pictures of breasts, links to our favorite stuff, and a rundown of posting for the next week. No other blog does this, and we feel like we're filling a void.

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Friday: Eat, Pray, and Get Some Lovin'
Monday: SEC Names of The Week: Dec. 3 Edition
Wednesday: The 11 Most Evil SEC College Football Coaches is going on hiatus. Irons explains why and who is to blame. You know who you are, and you will pay dearly.

Nothing like a hot chick in LSU colors. Here, kitty-kitty.


A jury of your shitfaced peers.
So you're into the whole jury-duty thing, but you don't want to stay sober during the trial? Tennessee wants you.

Carl explains why the BCS sucks.

A visual representation of how the SEC works:

That's right Arkansas, now you'll get what's coming to you.

THINGS WE HATE (updated weekly)

1. Creationists. I want to believe.
2. Sean Taylor's death. You make over $10 million between 2004-2006 and you don't hire a security guard when someone leaves a knife on your pillow? (Also see: Things We Love #3).
3. Failed NFL coaches coming back to NCAA.

THINGS WE LOVE (updated weekly)

1. Rice's Marching Owl Band.
2. Top 25 Drinking Quotes.
3. Joe Gibbs's Cynicism in drafting LaRon Landry.

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