First Post

Greetings, one and all. We are Charlie Weis and the Chocolate Factory, and we intend to bring a little love into your lives. Posts will be on the following topics.

  1. Sports: By sports we mean college football, and by college football we mean the SEC. Discussion of the Big Ten will be complimentary, yet likely not complimentary. Discussion of Fatty McEatsalot and The Emu is inevitable.
  2. Politics: Our proprietors include one Pinko Liberal and one Knuckle-Dragging Conservative. Expect fun point/counterpoints like "Abortion: Devil's Handiwork or Happy Fun Time?" With the 2008 elections on the way, our goal is to make this your one-stop voting guide.
  3. Food: And who doesn't like to eat? Perhaps we'll post our very most favorite recipes; maybe you'll get reviews of various fine dining establishments around Chicago, and, um, bumfuck Mississippi.
We'll be posting Monday, Wednesday, and Friday and/or when we goddam well please. We look forward to sharing our brilliance with you.


Philip said...

Wow. Wow. Even a Tom Wolf quote, as if the blog wasn't sycophantic enough. Surely that is Skippy's doing. Why isn't drudgereport on your politics list?
I do like the funny name thing (a spot on 'Le's and 'La's would be good). Also, can you make fun of Gaines and Tennessee more?

P.S. Romo is still better than Breeze. Suck it.

Anonymous said...

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