Random Bitching About CBS' NCAA Coverage

As a casual college basketball non-fan, I freely admit that I know nothing about the game and only watch it while gambling. Perhaps some of you hoops diehards can clue me in on a couple of things:

  1. Why the hell does CBS (or the NCAA, if that's who is making the decisions) run multiple games at the same time? I get the fact that they don't want their viewers stuck watching a blowout, but it sort of sucks that 75% of the country didn't get to watch one second of O.J. Mayo in the tournament. And don't give me some crap about how spacing out the games (even to the extent of adding extra days) would hurt revenue at the arenas, cause travel problems, or hurt the "students'" academics -- ticket sales are chump change, logistic problems are solvable, and basketball players don't go to class. Assuming the games are valuable ratings-grabbers ... wouldn't you want to show more of them?
  2. Who is the midget playing for Xavier?

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phildo said...

What the hell is right! No new posts?! I know one you fools is taking the bar, but the other has no excuses other than being a drunk in mississippi. Surely the Rangers are a good topic...maybe not, but we are not that bad, so far. And Romo has been to some parties lately, Lefty won the Colonial....there are tons of things to blog about.
How about how much the Spurs suck and how that flopper (you know the south american i mean) can't make a shot to save his life?
hot tuba