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Some of you may have noticed the new box (top right) entitled "Irons' List Of Links." Via the magic of Google Reader, we'll be able to instantly share all of the crap that's currently amusing us. We find this to be a much more convenient alternative to the ubiquitous "links post," though major developments will obviously still merit their own post.

Naturally, this won't keep us from posting pictures of liberated, successful women.

thanks to Poon of the SEC

And hell, we'll probably still throw up a few links from time to time ... like this beaut (via Deadspin) featuring the mighty Manatee Community College playing the Pittsburgh Pirates in a spring training tuneup. Surprising no one, the Manatees held the Buccos scoreless over the last 8 innings of the game. Did we mention that there was a 20 MPH wind blowing out to right? If you're one of the few remaining Pirates fans, now might be a good time to consider ritual suicide.

Oh, and there's this little gem, which can also be filed under "utterly unsurprising." Turns out, rugrats don't make you happy, and childless people have lives that are at least as fulfilling as Darren McFadden's. And, as the article notes, "they sure do have more money to squander as they try to pursue what happiness they can and strive to somehow fill up their allegedly empty lives."

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