Birthday Wishes And Some Other Crap

We'd like to extend some very happy birthday wishes to CWATCF co-proprietor Anderson.

We sincerely hope that Anderson gets to enjoy the company of someone as smokin' hot as the lovely Mia. Remember to tip well, Anderson, and please teach her how to use a belt properly.

1. We are obsessed with this site. We've been sending greeting cards nonstop for three days.

2. Did McCain put his wrinkled, limp old man penis in this lobbyist? Probably, but only because his wife was stoned out of her gourd on painkillers ... that takes all the sport out of sex.

3. Yahoo Sports (via the Wiz) confirms what we have all long known: Tressel and Weis are giant cheaty-pants.

4. Alabama superstud recruit Julio Jones is the star witness in a murder trial ... that can't be good, right?

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