Apologies In Advance

So it’s the offseason, and we ain’t got shit to do, right?

Look, we apologize for the lack of college football content on the site recently. Recruiting just isn’t our thing, and we have trouble getting all excited for winter practices or even the spring games. The niche that we enjoy the most (arrests and other bad behavior by athletes) has been filled. As most of you have doubtless figured out, a significant portion of our pleasure from watching college football is derived from watching institutions that we can’t stand lose in particularly humiliating fashion. It’s hard to get that sort of feeling from an intrasquad game (“Red totally crushed those Black losers hahahahahha”), so unless Jimmy Clausen blows an ACL or Tennessee gets the death penalty ... well, call us in August.

So how do we fill our time from February to July? Working in soup kitchens, building homes for the poor, spending time with our loved ones college baseball.

Yes, as Brady has already pointed out, this is one college sport that our undergraduate institution can compete in. For those of you who don’t know, Tulane’s baseball program is one of the best in the nation, regularly appearing in Omaha for the College World Series (please, please don’t ask how we’ve done once we’ve gotten there). Coached by the highly regarded Rick Jones, the team has produced talents by the name of Sutter, Aubrey, Gautreau, and Owings. Sure, you may only recognize that last name, but our stud draftees have had some bad luck with injuries of late. You’ll see more Tulane grads in the majors in the very near future, rest assured.

At Tulane, students spend a significant portion of spring at the park, knocking back cold ones and yelling the Hullabaloo (below) after each minor on-field success. It’s a pretty good way to spend a lazy spring day.

A One, A Two,
A Helluva
A Hullabaloo
Ray Ray
A Hullabaloo
Ray Ray
Vars Vars Tee Ay
Tee Ay, Tee Ay
Vars Vars Tee Ay

Yeah, it’s a silly cheer, but it becomes much more coherent after downing a flask of Jack. Our point is that baseball is one of the things we love about the school and New Orleans, and we aren’t alone. Tulane draws some of the largest crowds in the nation, and has a bitter instate rivalry with the Louisiana State Cheating Tiger team and its incompetent coaching staff. This year is especially exciting, featuring a new stadium and a number of high profile transfers.

And yes, this is all justification for the amount of time we’re about to spend talking about it.

Deal with it, people.


Anonymous said...

"...regularly appearing in Omaha for the College World Series"...

For the record... Tulane has been twice in the last few years... and they were two and out.

I have gone to the CWS for the last 10+ years... and NOT to follow LSU either... I just like college baseball.

One of the up and coming college baseball programs in Louisiana is Southern University... If they ever get some pitching, they too will join the Tulane ranks of knocking on Omaha's door...

The glory days of LSU are over... Anyone who cuts 22 players (...two of which were freshman All-Americans) has broadcasted what kind of coach he really is...

Irons said...

For the record, the CWS appearances were in '01 and '05; Tulane had several other Super Regional appearances in the last ten years.

Louisiana baseball is the best in the country (only Florida and Texas can argue to the contrary).

U. Louisiana-Lafayette has a heck of a team this year, and UNO has an All-American and a number of other decent players. Southern I'm a bit less sold on -- they've been able to turn out a Ricky Weeks every now and then, but every time I've seen them in person they look overmatched by the top-end programs (pitching depth and poor fundamentals are generally glaring).

ULM ain't terrible, either.

And may LSU suffer a long, painful end.