Tennessee Crimivols Vie For Early Fulmer Cup Lead

Sunday Morning QB notes that Bacon and his gang of Merry Men have been causing some mischief:

Suspended, for the first two games in September, 26-year-old walk-on DB Vincent Faison, the fifth Tennessee player to "embarrass himself and his team" in less than a month since the end of the season with a DUI arrest over the weekend. The Vols are settling a startlingly consistent pace."
Anyway, "Bacon's Favorite JUCO," the Morgan County Correctional Facility, should be deep at the skill positions this year. On the down side, we have some concerns about their defensive front seven, which lacks both depth and experience. Until Demonte Bolden gets picked up for weed possession, that is.

For all of you lady Vol fans out there who would like to "make the boys' stay a bit more comfortable," we suggest contacting Joel over at Rocky Top Talk. He can probably make the proper arrangements.

UPDATE: Interesting sidenote -- if you Googlemap "prisons near knoxville" the second location you see is the University of Tennessee Career Services Office.

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