Holiday Drinking Season Heroes

Culled from the gold-plated pages of the New Orleans Times-Picayune come this week's Holiday Drinking Season Heroes. These guys are not your average drunks. No sir. They are buzzing like a bad amplifier before you are even out of bed.

  • Alvin Grace, 22, 1239 Piety St., New Orleans, Dec. 6, 11 a.m., at N. Robertson St. and Franklin Ave., DWI.

  • Jake S. Henry, 25, 1025 Jamie Ct., Violet, Dec. 10, 11:38 a.m., at Second St. and Danneel St., DWI.

  • Ritchie Matthew, 29, 5417 S. Prieur St., New Orleans, Dec. 15, 3:53 p.m., in the 600 block of S. Carrollton Ave., DWI.

  • Bottoms Up! Have another glass of nog, friends!


    Alvin Grace said...

    Is this site so devoid of content that you must publicize my DUI arrest for the entire world to see? It is enought to drive me to drink.

    Ritchie Matthew said...

    I hear you ... still a little early in the day for me, though.