Michigan State Fans: Exactly What You'd Expect

Note: Due to the holiday, SEC NOTW will be on hiatus until next week.

As the year drags to a close, we at CWATCF always like to look back on the new experiences of the past 12 months. It consistently amazes us that in life, almost nothing is what you'd expect. Reading a review of The Godfather (or, for that matter, Biodome), for example, can barely scratch the surface of what the actual movie experience will be like. Can Fodor's prepare you for your first glimpse of Italy? Or Des Moines? Not a chance. Remember your first shot of bourbon?

The point of all of this is that life is full of mystery and magic, and daily wonder is the status quo. That being the case, it can be especially jarring when something is ... well ... entirely what you'd expect.

Let's quickly review our preconceptions of Michigan State fans: Rock-dumb enough to live in East Lansing ... completely ignorant of fashion trends not espoused by Fergie ... wears sweatpants/jean skirts/black ho pants ... future trailer owner ... pasty from lack of exposure to the sun ... or orange from over-tanning ... roots showing ... vaguely trashy in a central-Florida kind of way.

Oh. My. Well, that was accurate. Follow the link to see more wholly unsurprising MSU fan pictures.

Anyway, we thought we'd throw up a working list of other things in life that are wholly unsurprising. Feel free to add to the list, Brady and Anderson. Everyone else, give us your picks in the comments.

Exactly What You'd Expect

Sweet Tarts
Toby Keith concerts
Children on planes
Flavor of Love
Busch Light

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