CWATCF Road Trip: The Champs Sports Bowl

Most of you are familiar with our reputation for first-line, direct source reporting. To give you a glimpse of the real bowl experience, CWATCF took a little field trip to the Champs Sports Bowl yesterday ... wooooooo crappy third-tier Big Ten-Big East matchup!!!!! Actually, as we recently watched 300, we had high hopes for this one. This is Sparta!!!! Hoouup!!!!!

The game did not live up to the movie.

Boston College v. Michigan State

First of all, the Citrus Bowl closed off the entire upper deck. What the hell kind of revenues do these crappy bowl games pull in? Swindle seems to think the answer is, um, not much.

On to the game. To our untrained, non-expert eyes, BC quarterback Matt Ryan looked like the real deal. The ball always came out on time, he threw the deep out on a rope, and he showed nice accuracy on deep balls. BC coach Jim Jagodzinski astutely took advantage of his NFL-ready QB by having Ryan spend most of the game throwing 5-yard curl patterns to the tight end and quick checks to the running back (presumably, his wide receivers blow donkey balls). This made for a terribly exciting game. And the Spartans? They've installed one of them fancy new spread offenses with all the wide receivers and the crazy formations ... and apparently only one play (HB Dive). Thrilling.

So BC won 24-21. Praise the Jesus.

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