11 Most Evil SEC Coaches: Inconsiderate Bastards

Dear Meddlesome SEC Boosters, Trigger-Happy Athletic Directors, and Rabbit-Eared University Presidents,

This is for you:

You know what sucks? Yes, Ed Orgeron, but more to the point: coming up with a solid blog topic, having some success with it ... aaaaaaand then having half the coaches you've written about fired (in some way, shape or form -- let's not get into semantics). And this doesn't count the potential voluntary departures: Miles could still go to Michigan, Tuberville (extension or no) is a money-grubbing devil-spawn, and as we all know, Saban is available to anyone who can afford current salary + $1.

So screw you guys, we're on hiatus. We'll pick this up again when you're considerate enough to stop canning people's asses.

Except Fulmer. You can fire Fulmer anytime.

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