CWATCF Merchandise: Class Is For Gators

Hey, is that a Panderbear I see (yes, we will sacrifice our team loyalties in the name of apparel sales)? It seems FSU players aren't pursuing their studies with the honesty and non-cheatiness required by the overlords at the NCAA. As a result, it appears that their towel boys will be starting in the Gaylord Music City Bowl (seriously -- they're going to suspend 20+ 'Noles, and that's actually the bowl name).

Yeah, we all know Florida players don't actually go to class, either, but it's always fun to poke your rival with a sharp stick. With Spurrier no longer around to coin vicious slogans, CWATCF does its best to pick up the slack.

As always, this comes in an array of styles and sizes, including thongs and maternity wear. Click on the image to buy, or go here for the CWATCF Store.

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