2008 College Football Blog Awards: Shameless Pandering

It's time for the 2008 College Football Blog Awards, and the rules say we can't nominate ourselves. The word for this, of course, is bullshit, but we'll throw up a few nominations anyway. Once you're done reading about these losers, go here to nominate us. Repeatedly.

2008 College Football Awards Nominations
(for second place, obviously)

Prettiest Blog

Rocky Top's use of symmetry appeals to us, but that hideous orange sinks their battleship. EDSBS is hideous (sorry, don't hit us). We like this site's header, at least.

Best SEC Blog

Dawg Sports. Kyle bleeds Red and Black, and it's possible that could be influencing our vote. Regardless, we're always impressed when one of Kyle's novel-length posts can hold our interest to the end, and he has great facial hair.

Best Post of The Year

Again to Dawg Sports, for Kyle's post demanding the death penalty for Auburn. Yay, partisanship!

(honorable mention to SEC Football Blogger)

Best Big Ten Blog

MGoBlog, if you must read about the Big Ten. Reads way faster than Ohio State's defensive backs. Zing!

Best Blog (National Champion)

Every Day Should Be Saturday, in a walk. Is anyone else excited about the day (two years into the future?) where we can all agree that Orson is passe and take vicious potshots at him? Get ready for the Simmons treatment, Spencer.


Ethanator1088 said...

Thanks for the Honorable Mention. I am sure CWATCF will, at the very least, get a nomination for funniest blog. Yall will have one of those floating football on your widget in a few weeks. :-)

Irons said...

Hahaha -- thanks. We really want one of those. I'm assuming you guys will take home best new blog.