Where You Can Go And What You Can Do With Yourself: Jan. 17 Edition

Sometime during the middle of each week, we'll provide you with gratuitous pictures of breasts, links to our favorite stuff, and a rundown of posting for the next week. No other blog does this, and we feel like we're filling a void.

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Friday: Eat, Pray, and Get Some Lovin'
Monday: SEC Names of The Week: Jan. 21 Edition
Wednesday: A Rant, Courtesy of Irons

thanks to Mac G & SEC Poon for the pic


Expect one hell of a bidding war between Huckabee and Romney over who gets to put this on the back of their campaign bus
Shockingly, HA8 JWZ is still a valid license plate in Georgia.

"He stood up, we shook hands and he said, 'You have a head coach,'" Falcons owner Arthur Blank said
We know this is REALLY late, but this may be the greatest news article of all time. Again, Bobby Petrino is an assclown. Our brothers over at Nation of Islam Sportsblog have another take.

Screw the custody hearing -- we'll just get a new one
Brit-Brit, pregnant? God willing.

THINGS WE HATE (updated weekly)
(FYI, we've been away for a while, so there's some backlog here)

1. Twenty-something NBA point guards in committed relationships. What could go wrong?
2. CWATCF, breaking news source. More reliable than the Times or the Guardian, anyway.
3. Batshit crazy Tom Cruise. We like to pretend that Maverick died with Goose.

THINGS WE LOVE (updated weekly)

1. Pollster.com
2. The moral superiority of our father's generation.
3. Ed Wade, GM in the Cardinals' division. So what if Brad Lidge is gone?
4. Andy Pettite, Supermegahypocrite.
5. Roger Clemens, Steroid User.
6. Fred Thompson's most prized possession.

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