Perhaps We Can Stop Hearing About Ohio State Now?

We might as well turn this one over to Dan Shanoff at Deadspin -- rarely have we seen a post that we agree with so completely. It wasn't the vaunted SEC speed that carried the day, but a simple talent advantage and a few timely coaching adjustments. The better team won, but we can't shake the feeling that we didn't see LSU give better than a B+ level performance this season.

Somehow this all leaves us a bit unsatisfied. After the most exciting college football season we can remember, the title game seemed a bit anticlimactic ... and todays polls don't help that feeling. Ohio State at #5, UGA and USC splitting the #2 spot ... does anyone really feel like we saw the best two teams play last night? Not surprisingly, we're already hearing calls for a playoff. We happen to think UGA president Michael Adams is an assclown (and that 8 teams is far too expansive a field), but at the very least a plus one would be a nice step in the right direction.

Anyway, at least one thing was definitively settled last night: Jamarcus Russell is the greatest dresser in the history of clothing.


Brady said...

For the record, I don't think that 8 teams is too many for a playoff. In fact, I'd like to see a 16-team playoff. So there. Take your "plus one" and shove it "plus one" inches deeper!

Irons said...

Hmm ... I really don't see how 16 teams would help you -- they'd have to expand all the way to 128 to get Ole Miss an invite.

Brady said...

Zing! Ole Miss may have sucked more than usual for the past, oh, 4 seasons or so, but now they have Nutt.

Nutt, Fedora, and Croom make up the 3 Mississippi schools' coaching staff. Wow.