Pats Win, God Is Dead

Look, we're aware that this isn't college football-related, but what the hell do you expect us to talk about for the next 8 months? Get used to lots of food and baseball-related posts. Basketball, except in the context of mid-March gambling, will not be discussed.

So we've spent our afternoon watching the Patriots roll into the Super Bowl, which is super-depressing. I think we can all agree that Tom Brady should not get to win Super Bowls and bang copious amounts of supermodels, all the while being rich and handsome. It's like if Bill Gates was also granted natural charm and great hair: simply unfair.

Anyhoo, we've got friends heading to Vegas next week, and we're considering throwing down $50 against the Pats (straight up?) if the lines get totally out of whack ... and because we'd like to have eternal gloating rights against all Massholes in the extremely unlikely event they lose.

While searching for the Super Bowl odds, we ran across this gem. Sure, it's totally unfair to pick pull-quotes from preseason betting columns, but it's safe to say that we won't be relying on Bodog.com writer Jason Brough for gambling advice anytime soon:

[on the Pats]

New England has a tough start to the regular season. Its first game is in New York against the Jets and then it returns home to play the Chargers. With two more tough road games in Cincinnati (Week 4) and Dallas (Week 6), the Pats could quite easily be a .500 team by mid-October.

... [on Atlanta] ...

The current odds seem about right. This isn't like the Colts losing Peyton Manning. Vick is a great athlete but an average quarterback. Let's see what new head coach Bobby Petrino can do in a wide-open NFC before we send the Falcons to the pink sheets.

... [on the Bears] ...

Said Michael Harmon of Foxsports.com to fantasy football players: "For those entering draft rooms worried about Rex Grossman, don't be. Grossman demonstrated more poise and confidence in his abilities than he had last year."

Anyway, we fully support this movement over at Kissing Suzy Kolber. We'll throw in a Got Nutt? t-shirt for the winner.


Double K said...

I knew those Bodog guys were a bunch of dumbasses and it has absolutely nothing to do with all the money I've lost at their poker tables either. Idiots.

Irons said...

Yeah ... between this and the asshole financial analysts telling me to buy stock right now ... well, I'll be hiding my money in my mattress.