A Little Somethin'-Somethin'

Hola, lectores de mi blog -- just an update on what next week's schedule looks like:

Monday: SEC Names Of The Week and CWATCF Primary Voter's Guide: Mike Huckabee
Wednesday: Where You Can Go And What You Can Do With Yourself
Friday: Eat, Pray, And Get Some Lovin'

In the meantime, here's how we've wasted our morning:

  1. Two guys wheel corpse around town to cash checks ... wait a minute ... I'm pretty sure I've seen this movie before.
  2. Jimmy Carter will be your next president ... if you get on your knees and ask him nicely.
  3. But for that term limits thing, W would be running as a change agent.
  4. Steven Leavitt (of Freakonomics fame) has spent the last two years studying hookers. Seriously.
  5. St. Louis University's basketball team is rebounding under new coach Rick Majerus. Mostly because they can't shoot for shit.
  6. We highly recommend that you check this out. We'll miss you, Cultural Oddsmaker.
  7. Kyle over at Dawg Sports does a little gloating from his high horse.
  8. We are enjoying this EDSBS series. Schadenfreude!
  9. A fairly reasoned article on why the SEC is not far and away the best conference in America ... and all we can hear is "blah blah blah blah blah."
  10. The only time we'll ever link to a video featuring a floppy penis, we promise. Soccer streaker's night ends poorly.

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