A Response To Our Critics: Big Ten Edition

So we've been getting a lot of crap in our comments and email lately about two things:

1. Our contention that Michigan State girls are trashy sloots.
2. The fact that we intensely dislike the Big Ten and its fan base, and that we think the conference sucks donkey balls. We've been called narrow-minded, ignorant, and unfair, as well as a number of other vulgar and/or poorly spelled things.

On the first point we invite you to decide for yourself. As for the second, well, we'd just like to point out that we're not the only ones that feel that way.

No, seriously, it appears that Big Ten animosity runs wide and deep. To hell with the Southern Strategy -- if the GOP runs on an anti-Tressel platform, Hilbama can kiss the White House goodbye.

Update: Ohio State loses their "The."


sfcmac said...

Correction, Bubba. When you cited my piece on the Ohio State University defeat, you mistakenly included it in the cutesy little sentence: "No, seriously, it appears that Big Ten animosity runs wide and deep". Not so. Constructive criticism tinged with disappointment is not "animosity", as much as you rednecks would like to think.
Now, go back to tending your Still, Cleatus.

Irons said...

You're right -- we misconstrued your opinions. Consider this an apology for doing so; we should have spent a bit more time on your blog before adding you to the post.

Frankly, we never would have linked to you had we done so. Your skewed view of reality is appalling, and I sincerely hope we didn't send you any traffic.

Try reading something besides Free Republic and Powerline. Might do you good.

sfcmac said...

Well irons, if your had taken some time away from reading Mother Jones and the DailyKos, and actually READ WHAT I HAD WRITTEN IN MY BLOG, you wouldn't have skewed the meaning into "animosity". I sincerely hope you improve your cognitive skills before you "link" next time.

sfcmac said...

Feel free to read the OSU commentary here:


Thoroughly, this time.

If you're looking for honest, truthful commentary about the Left, Islamofascism, and illegal immigration, feel free to read and comment. Otherwise, you can go back to playing with yourself while your read the "Hot chicks with douchebags" site you have in your blogroll. Real classy, dude.

Irons said...

1. Perhaps you missed the part where we re-read your post, admitted to our mistaken interpretation, and apologized.

2. Again, we won't be linking to you again under any circumstances. Our readers deserve better.

3. We believe that it's important to expose ourselves to a wide variety of sources. That's why we read the National Review and Daily Kos ... why we check out Bainbridge , Hinderaker, and John Cole, but also Duncan Black and Josh Marshall. There's a distinct value to not being in an echo chamber.

That said, some sites are just garbage (i.e. Move On), and some are just racist, xenophobic bilge. I feel entirely comfortable lumping both your site and Little Green Footballs into the last category.

Have a nice day.