Fred Thompson: CWATCF Primary Dropouts Guide

In a year littered with 2-loss teams aspiring to college football's throne, it's only appropriate that the Presidential primary field is filled with flawed pretenders.

In an attempt to make this approachable for you blog-reading Neanderthals, we give you The CWATCF Primary Voter's Guide, comparing each wannabe-Reagan to one of this season's college football teams.

Go here for links to all of the candidates.

Fred Thompson, Florida State Seminoles


Where am I? What’s going on? I'm hungry!

Who are all of these people? Where are my sons? What am I running for? Golf cart! Golf caaaaaaaaaart!

Who is this blond woman? Where am I?



Anonymous said...

Is this supposed to be funny asshole??

Don't quit your day job if you have one.

Irons said...