Busted Nutt?

Introducing pictures of Houston Nutt's daughter, Hanna:

Here's the thing: Hanna dearest (left) is certainly not a prized commodity on your typical SEC campus, where smokin' hotties dance on every quad, fake breasts bounce on every corner, and eating is for lepers. But hey, she at least appears to be rocking an okay body and a passable face, right?

I mean, you wouldn't necessarily need to use a paper bag ... just turn off the lights, right? And her friend sorta looks like a chunky version of LC from The Hills, so that's something.

But there's one problem, and we've all seen it before. She's afflicted with "Looks too much like Daddy/Brother disease."

Just imagine looking down and seeing this with your dick in its mouth:


Dingleberry69 said...

Well done Mr. Irons.

Irons said...

You are quite welcome, Dingleberries.

Sarah said...

Just thought I would mention, the "friend" in those pictures is Hailey Nutt... Hanna's twin. I went to school with them.

Anonymous said...

please remove any pictures that have hooten wearing anything that is Hog related. K, thanks

dont suck ass today said...

Can you get any sexy pics of Mama Nutt?

Anonymous said...

Houston has a bigger rack. Nice Moobs.